Beiou Mountain Bike Review-Everything you Need To Know

Beiou Mountain Bike

Why Is The Beiou Mountain Bike a Great Bike?

If you’re looking for an outstanding mountain bike that combines functionality, performance and beauty, you owe it to yourself to take a serious look at the Beiou brand of mountain bikes.

Although the “made in China” label used to be associated with inferior quality products across the board – that is no longer the case at all. Things have changed dramatically, and Beiou is a perfect example of that change.

This largely unheard of brand offers intelligent design, a superb light-weight frame, quality outsourced components, and surprising affordability for a mountain bike of its caliber. As a relative newcomer to the American marketplace, it’s clear that Beiou is doing their best to gain a strong foothold. This is evident not just in the solid quality of their bikes, but in the stellar customer service Beiou provides.

Whether it’s off-roading fun or to commute to and from your workplace, the Beiou is a steady and reliable performer. It doesn’t matter what your primary intention is for your new bike. This versatile machine is equally effective on both trails and roads. It’s well-equipped to handle mountain paths, river valleys and any rough terrain you encounter with its superb climbing capability. And the easy, smooth changing gears helps you focus on traffic while riding in the city. Whatever the environment – this bike performs like a champ.

Beiou Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

One of the things that make Beiou mountain bikes such a winner is the strong, yet incredibly lightweight frame. It’s not steel or aluminum. Instead, what you get is a full carbon-fiber frame. It’s not just the frame that’s made of this breakthrough material that’s remarkably strong and light as a feather. The seat (saddle) posts and stems, handlebars, and hubs are also constructed of carbon-fiber. The result is durable mountain bike that’s significantly lighter than most bikes in its class.

Beiou Carbon Fiber Mountain BikeOnce you see this beauty and actually take it for a spin, you’ll realize how well-engineered it is. Some “old-school” riders (and possible competitors) choose to question the bike’s quality and value simply due to its origin. But after putting it to the test, it’s clear to me that Beiou is as serious about the products it makes and markets as Chinese Olympic athletes are about competing and winning. These guys are here to compete and to establish their name.

This bike offers a balance of comfort and functionality with solid components. It’s amazingly lightweight with its full carbon fiber frame, making it easy for almost anyone to lift. Beiou bikes offer the usual adjustments such as the pressure in the front forks, seat height, handlebars, and more.

Interestingly, it’s not just the frame that is made of carbon fiber. Your Beiou bike also arrives with a carbon fiber seat post, handlebars and hubs. In addition to the exceptional Beiou frame, several other top quality components are included.

Beiou Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike: Hardtail and Full Suspension

There are tipically two types of mountain bikes available – Hardtail and Full Suspension. The Hardtail offers one solid frame, with suspension forks on the front end. Full-Suspension bikes have a two-section frame that’s joined by pivots. The rate at which these sections move is controlled by the shock absorbers as they adjust to the terrain.

Generally speaking, “hardtail” bikes require less maintenance over time as there are fewer moving pieces. They also seem more efficient in transforming pedal power into rear wheel movement, so you get more movement out of each push.

Why Are The Beiou Mountain Bikes More Expensive?

Sure, this brand is more expensive than the bikes you’ll find at Walmart – or other similar, low-priced retailers. I guess it all depends on what you’re looking for.

713uyVGnl5L._SL1500_If you’re at all serious about riding trails, or you simply want a quality bike that’s going to last for years, those low-end toys won’t do. You’ll need to step it up and invest significantly more money. But what you’re getting, at least in the case of a Beiou, is a superior machine.

Cheap bikes are made of steel that is much heavier and more awkward to move around. Those frames are welded together and don’t hold up over time. If you’re just going around the block a few times each season, then those cheap bikes might be fine. But if your mountain bike is going to be used to tackle the trails, or if it’s going to be your primary means of transportation – you’ll want a bike like the Beiou because it’s simply better in so many ways.

The fact is, Beiou bikes are comparable to bikes that cost a lot more money.

Other experienced cyclists have estimated the cost of a Beiou spotted on a trail to be worth anywhere from $2000 to $4000. Thankfully, these amazing bikes only look expensive. Rest assured; they aren’t anything close to those numbers.

Here’s just some of what you can expect when buying a Beiou bike. After ordering, you will be given a suggested delivery date for your Beiou carbon fiber mountain bike. Your projected date is typically 2-3 weeks out since they’re shipped here from overseas. But don’t be surprised if your bike arrives early.

Arrival times seem to average about 7-10 working days. On occasion, somebody gets their bike earlier – within a few days. But even if your bike takes three weeks to arrive – you’re going to love it! And the great value you scored will be icing on the cake.

Your bike arrives in one large box. The full package weighs about 24 lbs. – all included (a fully-assembled Beiou bike weighs about 20 lbs. One thing buyers love the packaging this company provides for their products. All bikes are double-boxed, and each piece is wrapped individually.

81XwF7iJmfL._SL1500_These guys are smart enough to know that nothing sours a customer experience more than waiting for a package, only to find that it’s been damaged in transit. Occasional scratches and dents are inevitable. But what I really like is how attentive to customers this company is when something is less than perfect.

You can get a replacement bike, or your money back, should there be any damage.

A standard one-year warranty applies to all of their products. If you encounter any manufacturing defect during your first 365-day period – you are fully protected by the warranty that comes with every purchase.

Set up takes about an hour depending on how handy you are around bicycles. Some buyers have done it themselves in as little as fifteen minutes. Others take the box to their local bike shop and have a technician assemble it. That’s not a bad option, and it only costs about $100, on average. Another option is to do the basic assembly yourself and then have your bike shop fine tune it for you. This usually costs less than $20 in labor. So that’s a good option if you don’t want to spend the extra hundred.


Buying a bike online and investing serious money takes careful consideration. But I give this brand my highest recommendation.

What you get when you buy a Beiou is your choice of finish in a 15, 17 or 19-inch frame. It’s a well-built hardtail mountain bike with features you’d expect would cost a lot more money. Essentially, you’re getting a lightweight, full carbon-fiber frame, 30-speeds, internal cable routing, and quality disc brakes by Shimano at a remarkable price.

Times have changed. Today, the best place to buy a mountain bike is online – not from your nearby bike shop.

For the best deal on Beiou mountain bikes, be sure to click here.

Remember, this bike performs equally well on trails as it does on the road. It’s light in weight and rides super-smooth. The intuitive gear changes, allow you to fully enjoy the mountain biking experience on a solid machine that should provide you with years of reliable riding.





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