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Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review

Founded in Chicago in 1895, Schwinn has been in the bicycle industry for more than 120 years. Ignaz Schwinn’s brand dominated the American bike industry for most of the 20th century. Having made their mark on the road bicycle market, Schwinn also entered the commercial fitness market. Today I will be looking at one of their fitness bikes, the Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike.

In this review, I will discuss what a recumbent bike is, how it works and why anyone should choose a recumbent bike over an upright bike. I will also compare the 270 to the Schwinn 230, and reveal where to buy the Schwinn 270 Recumbent bike at the best price.

With this bike, Schwinn has laid claim to the title of the best recumbent bike on the market. In this review, I aim to find out if that is true.

Before we can look at the Schwinn 270 in detail, however, let’s look at what a recumbent bike is.

What is a Recumbent Bike?

A recumbent bike gets its name from the relaxed position the rider sits in while traveling. While there are road bikes that are recumbent, the more attractive option is the recumbent stationary bike used for exercise purposes.

This laid-back riding position is familiar for ergonomic reasons. The rider’s weight is supported by the back and buttocks, spreading out the weight for a more comfortable ride. On a traditional bike, the rider’s entire body weight will rest on a small area (the sitting bones, hands, and feet).

While the aerodynamics don’t come into play with the stationary models, it is an added benefit of recumbent road bikes. For the purpose of this article, I will be looking at the recumbent exercise bike. These are typically less reclined than their counterparts on the road.

How do Recumbent Bikes Work?

One of the main benefits of any recumbent bike is the added comfort. The back of the seat provides plenty of support for your lower back. The larger seat ensures your backside is more comfortable, and will enable you to sit in the saddle for longer. The longer you sit, the fitter you will get.

Schwinn-270-Recumbent-Bike-ReportThe pedals on these bikes are in front of your body, instead of underneath like an upright bike. This means that you get less of an upper-body workout, but it still ensures a great lower body workout from your legs to your hips and rear.

Recumbent exercise bikes afford users the option to adjust the resistance, which can assist in increasing the tone of your lower body muscles. Your hamstrings, quadriceps, and your calves will feel the burn as you pedal on these reclined bikes.

Recumbent bike versus Upright Bike

Ask any regular gym-goer what their favorite piece of workout equipment is, and a large majority will mention the stationary bike.

Fitness fanatics over the world have fallen in love with these pieces of equipment as it is both safe and efficient. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) stated that a stationary bike is a great option for cardiovascular activity with a low impact on your knees and other joints.

In the cardiovascular world, many machines place lots of stress on your joints. Stationary bikes are the safer option for users of all shapes and sizes.

There are two different types of stationary bikes: recumbent and upright. The most basic difference between the two is the body position of the rider. The upright bike looks a lot like a traditional road bicycle, while the recumbent bike has the rider sitting in a more reclined position.

Recumbent bikes are a great option for those with back pain, as the back of the seat provides support to reduce unnecessary stress on the lower back. The larger seat on the recumbent bike is more comfortable and is less likely to cause the dreaded saddle soreness, especially if you are only just starting out with stationary bikes.

If you are looking for a cardiovascular machine that is easy on the lumbar spine and gentle on your joints, with a more comfortable seat, the recumbent bike should be your first choice. The reduced risk of pain and injury will ensure you get a low impact total body workout.

The Schwinn 270

The 270 is Schwinn’s top of the range recumbent bike. It doesn’t take long to realize that the manufacturer pulled out all the stops in trying to conquer this saturated market.

With some features typically only found in bikes at twice this price, the 270 is a great option for both serious fitness fanatics and those just wanting to shed a few pounds.

This lightweight recumbent bike weighs in at 88 pounds, but can take a payload of up to 300 lbs. With a built-in sound system, and added comfort features, the 270 has become very popular among users. Let’s find out how good the 270 is.

Schwinn 270-vs-230 Recumbent Exercise Bikes

The 270 comes at a premium price when compared to its little brother, the 230. There is about a $150 difference in price, and I believe that if you can afford it, the 270 is by far the best option.

The 270 weighs in at 101 pounds compared to the 81.6 lbs, while the heavier model is also the tiny bit larger. The difference in size is so small that you won’t be able to tell with the naked eye. Both models come with a 10-year warranty on the frame.

The first difference I noticed between the two, is the added comfort of the 270’s thick padded contoured seat. While the 230 has a decent vented contoured seat, the 270 is in a different league.

If you are serious about your fitness, you will be happy to learn that the 270 has 23 levels of magnetic eddy current, in comparison to the cheaper model’s 20 levels. On top of this, the 270 boasts seven more workouts than the 22 on its little brother.

The 270 is a great option for larger families as it allows the creation of 4 user profiles as opposed to the 2 of the 230.

Finally, the 270 comes with redesigned 3-piece pedal cranks, while its predecessor makes use of the one piece pedals.

What are the Special Comfort Features?

A recumbent bike is, by its very definition, a more comfortable ride than an upright bike. When Schwinn came out and said that the 270 is one the most comfortable recumbent bikes they have produced, I got excited.

I was not disappointed.

It starts with a thick padded seat that is contoured perfectly to your behind. The back of the seat provides enhanced lower back support, and can be adjusted to feel just right. The built-in fan and the vents on the back of the seat make for a cool and comfortable ride.

Features that make this bike Special

The first feature I would like to highlight is the ability to download your workout data. It might not be a big deal to most, but this gives you the ability to track your progress over time. In the long run, this will make a huge difference to your fitness levels and the results you achieve.

I also like the fact that the LCD monitor plugs into the wall, which ensures you won’t have a display dimming on you, or worse, become completely unreadable because of batteries running out.

This LCD screen displays a wealth of information. From your heart rate and calories burned to overall distance, RPM and intensity, the screen shows you all the data you need.


I wish I could say that the Schwinn 270 is a piece of the pie when it comes to setup, but unfortunately, that is not quite the case. This product comes with plenty of bits and pieces that you will need to put together before you can get started with your new fitness regime.

A handy and informative assembly manual comes with plenty of illustrations, and should help you to complete construction in 1-2 hours.

What I liked about the 270

Schwinn thought of everything with this bike. This product ensures that riders of all shapes and sizes will enjoy intense workouts, and will do so in more comfort than any other recumbent bike on the market.

I like the media shelf, and the Bluetooth connectivity means you can take that urgent call without stopping your routine.

The console is nicely laid out with a great variety of workouts that range from easy to very challenging, and I love the fact that you can download exercise data.

Anything not to like

It is tough to criticize a product like the 270 since the manufacturer clearly put a lot of thought into every single aspect. If I had to nitpick, I would have to say that at this price, they could have included a chest strap for monitoring your heart rate.

Schwinn-270-Recumbent-Excercise-BikeIt won’t be a big deal to most users, as the 270 can monitor your heart rate through the handle grips of this bike. For those who would like the more accurate reading of a chest strap, I would recommend getting a decent model from Amazon. It shouldn’t cost you more than $60. Even without this minor additional investment, this bike is still an excellent investment into your health.


The manufacturer covers mechanical faults with a 2-year warranty, electrical faults with a 1-year warranty and the labor is guaranteed with a 90-day warranty.

Where to buy at the best price

There is very little that I do not buy from Amazon these days. Besides the fact that they offer free shipping, have excellent customer service as well as have the widest range, they regularly offer the Schwinn 270 Recumbent bike for sale at the best price.


In my opinion, there is only one other recumbent bike that comes even close to the 270. That would be the Nautilus R616 Recumbent Bike. As good as the Nautilus is, the Schwinn remains my favorite recumbent bike.

The 29 programmed workouts mean your sessions won’t ever be the same with options ranging from easy and fun workouts to challenging mountain climbs. On top of these programs, there are also nine pre-programmed heart rate workouts available.

With the ability to download your exercise data, you can analyze your progress to ensure you reach the fitness levels you are aiming for.

At this price, you won’t find anything in the same league. To be honest, you will struggle to find decent competitors at twice the price.

If you look at all the features included in this bike, you would expect to pay at least $1000. In fact, I have used recumbent bikes that cost more than $2000, and I would be lying if I said they were any better than the 270.
I would highly recommend the Schwinn 270 for anyone looking to purchase a recumbent bike. You will not be disappointed.

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