Buying This Schwinn Protocol Bike Makes You A Bonafide Mountain Biker


Schwinn Protocol Men’s Mountain Bike Review

Looking for freedom, flexibility, and fun with your bike? Then the Schwinn Protocol men’s mountain bike may be the best answer for you. Just look at all the brand name parts, and you’ll quickly realize that this one deserves your serious attention.

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It features a dual suspension frame made of aluminum with a reinforced steel rear. It’s got Shimano Altus 24-speed and Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters, Promax front disc brakes and Suntour suspension forks. But that’s not all. The Protocol also boasts MTV handlebars with the Schwinn 4 bolt A-Head Stem, and it’s got Alloy high-profile rims, with stunning black bladed spokes.

The MTV handlebar gives you complete control of your bike in a comfortable grip and the Shimano EF – 50 trigger shifters provide you with incremental power adjustments to give you in total control over any terrain.

The Schwinn Protocol delivers a quality mountain bike experience from one of the longest standing and most reliable bike manufacturers in America. With the quality I’ve observed in their bikes, it comes as no surprise that Schwinn offers a lifetime warranty – for as long as you own the bike.

If you’re thinking about getting a bike that will handle a bit of everything – some down hills, some single track biking out on the trails, maybe even the occasional road ride – then this mountain bike could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Its lightweight aluminum frame features dual suspension to effortlessly absorb the bumps, grooves, and stones you typically encounter out on those trails. The carbon fiber front forks are best at absorbing the differences in trail and road conditions much better than aluminum forks could do.

But with aluminum being so much cheaper, light and strong, it’s the preferred choice for many models of bike frames.

With a 24 speed capacity, you can climb those steep hills and defeat challenging ravines without having to worry about your bike. And the Promax front disc brakes and rear alloy pull break to allow you to stop confidently on those dirty, sometimes dusty and always rough trails.

Well Built Wheelset-Tires and Rims

It’s not just a strong frame that’s needed for a decent mountain bike. You also need durable wheels that won’t get bent out of shape and leave you stranded – and tires that can take a pounding. The Schwinn Protocol features double-walled alloy rims that are lightweight, yet remarkably strong.

Schwinn-Protocol-Bike-tires-and-rimsSo you can count on your wheels and tires to get you across any surface you encounter. And on a Schwinn Protocol, you’ll look great doing it.

This model of Schwinn mountain bike delivers an excellent ride for weekend warriors and those who like to enjoy mountain biking several times per week.

Just jump on and get rolling. Almost immediately, you’ll feel a newfound confidence, thanks to the design of this quality bike. Do it one time, and you’ll want to get out there and go for it again and again.

Mountain biking on a quality bike like the Schwinn Protocol will make you want to try new trails and go off the beaten path. And if you’re biking with a group, you’ll never have to worry about lagging behind.

Right away, you can feel the stability of the machine under you. And once you get moving on almost any trail, you’ll appreciate its flexibility too.

Buying this bike makes you a bona fide mountain biker. You will look like you know what you’re doing by default – even if it’s your first time out on those rugged trails, hills, and valleys. That’s what a great bike does. It fits you to a tee and matches your needs perfectly. It should also be built to withstand any path you choose to take.

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Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)

The Protocol is a rugged bike with a dual suspension frame and steel rear triangle for reinforcement. The front disc brakes provide superior stopping power for whenever you need it. With 24 different speeds, there’s nothing this bike cannot handle.

If you’ve never gone mountain biking before, get ready for the ride of your life. Even if you’re an experienced mountain biker, you may find that the Schwinn Protocol is more than enough for you as well. You could always purchase a more expensive bike like this one. It just depends on your needs and desires.

For the occasional rider to the several times per week go-getter – the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike may be all you need.

A steel rear triangle supports the dual suspension aluminum frame. The frame provides rigidity and can support a rider up to 220 pounds, without compromise.

Another advantage of the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is that it offers superior gearing via the Shimano EF – 50 trigger shifters that are supplied with the bike.

This allows for smooth, precise, and super-quick gear changes. What you’ll find is that the components (Schwinn-made and other brands) work together in symphony to provide ultra-smooth and natural transitions, from one gear to the next, without any jarring movement.

High-profile tires are essential for any off-road riding. These tires are larger and provide better cushioning than their lower-profile counterparts.

High-profile tires and rims are the best options to deliver a high level of traction in all weather conditions and on virtually all surfaces. The knobby tires provided on the Protocol provide a superior grip and handling in all circumstances, no matter what the weather.

Experienced riders know that starting out in the morning with bright sunny skies doesn’t mean those conditions will hold up throughout the day. So you need to be equipped, not just for any trail, but for any weather too.

All in all, the Protocol 1.0 from Schwinn is a quality built bike that looks fabulous and delivers flawless shifting, durability, and adjustability. And at this price, rest assured you’re getting genuine value.

It handles well, and it’s stable. It’s also reasonably lightweight for a mountain bike – which is an added plus. Brakes are responsive and powerful. The bike is easy to assemble, and you can use it most anywhere. Most importantly, it’s affordable. So what’s not to like at the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike?

Some people don’t like the saddle, complaining that it is too hard and uncomfortable. They also don’t like that there seems to be no place for a water bottle or hand pump to mount to the frame. While these are relatively minor complaints, they are genuine issues raised by past buyers, so it’s good to be at least aware of them before you buy.

You might be able to remedy these problems with aftermarket options. New accessories are always being developed as more people take up biking in its various forms.

But it sure would be nice if companies like Schwinn paid a little more attention here. If they put their engineers to work on these problems, I’m certain a workable solution would be easy to find. And I have no doubt that it would be a low-cost addition to an otherwise great bike that would make even customers completely satisfied with their purchases.

You can visit our accessories post here for accessories available.

Overall, the Schwinn Protocol is an excellent mountain bike for average users. I say this because, while not designed for professional competition, it does have all the key ingredients for many days of exciting adventure out on the trails. One reviewer commented this way. He said, “for the cost, there’s no better bike.” And it’s difficult to disagree with this kind of assessment.

There are a couple of other issues people have raised. One is that the tires could be better. The rubber seems to be of a lesser quality. This results in skidding on concrete surfaces and burning through the rubber faster than it should happen.

The front fork and suspension can be challenging to adjust as you try to get it just right. It would be nice to be able to fine-tune these adjustments quickly on your own. But it’s the same way with any bike. For most of us, we need to visit a local bike mechanic for this kind of fine tuning.

That’s no big deal though because as you might expect, some fine-tuning is involved. I always recommend going to a quality bike shop and having them tune up your bike before you go anywhere.

If you’re going to do any serious mountain biking, you need forks that are designed for the task. In other words, you need quality suspension forks. The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 forks adequately absorb vibrations from stones, tree roots, and other assorted things might come across on the trails. These forks give you a comfortable and relatively smooth ride anywhere.

If you just want to get out there and face a new challenge, this bike can deliver the fun and adventure you seek. It has a combination of features that give you a stable and flexible ride, maximum control, and more than adequate power.

All this at a reasonable price too.

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