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Here Are The Best Mountain Bikes For Under $1000

The Best Mountain Bikes For Under $1000

Best Mountain Bikes for Under $1000

Hunting down a great mountain bike is a tricky business. If you’re on a budget and want to find one for under a $1000 then it’s even harder.

But to make your job easier, I decided to do the work for you and track down the best mountain bikes for under a 1000 dollars. All you have to do is read my review and decide which one you like best!

Even though our budget sounds relatively healthy, you might be surprised to find out that in MTB terms, you could go an awful lot higher. MTB is a short term used for mountain bike by the way. Get used to talking in shortened terms, acronyms and abbreviations, the MTB world is full of them!

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Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Grande Fat Mountain Bike Review

Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Grande Fat Mountain Bike


Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Grande Fat Mountain Bike

The Diamondback El Oso range of ‘fat’ mountain bikes are aimed at all those looking for an affordable entry into the world of fat tire riding on a quality machine.

Fat biking has taken off over the past few years. It has evolved from a niche sporting pastime for off-road riding on snow and sand trails to something a lot more mainstream.

Nowadays you see fat bikes everywhere.

What’s the reason for this rise in popularity? In a word –  FUN!

Never far behind the trend, Diamondback has burst onto the fat bike scene with their El Oso range. I’m going to review here their mid-range bike, the Diamondback Bicycles El Oso Grande, which translates as “The Big Bear.”

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Kestrel Talon Mountain Bike Report-An Honest Review

Kestrel Talon Mountain Bike

If you’re considering a quality mountain bike, the Kestrel Talon is a bike you may or may not have heard of before. Either way – it deserves some serious consideration. Kestrel is a quality brand name that’s been around for a while, with a legion of fans all over the world. It is a brand that’s best known for its quality engineering and design.

But does the Talon measure up? Is it the right mountain bike for you? Let’s take a closer look so that you can decide for yourself.

What separates the Kestrel Talon apart from most competing bikes is that it can be both a mountain/road bike – and employed as a triathlon training bike too. It offers this dual platform geometry that delivers fast speeds, stable rides, and long-lasting durability.

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