Is The Tommaso Forcella Lightweight Aluminum Road Bike A Quality Bike?


Tommaso Forcella Lightweight Aluminum Road Bike with Carbon Fiber Fork Review

Looking to upgrade to a better quality bike? Consider the Tommaso Forcella lightweight aluminum bike. Complete, the assembled bike weighs in at just 23.8 pounds. It was built for the entry-level cyclist looking to upgrade from a standard bike to one that has less road vibration and weight, with good adaptability.

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With the Tommaso Forcella light road bike, you get a compact and durable aluminum frame combined with a carbon fiber front fork. It’s this fork that helps provide stability while being more flexible than aluminum to dampen the road vibration.

You can effortlessly shift and hit the brakes without the need to move your hands. And it’s one smooth and comfortable ride. Aerodynamic and lightweight, the Tommaso Forcella frame provides strength reliability and speed. And with quality parts by Shimano, you can count on a quality performance wherever the road takes you.

The primary features on the Tommaso Forcella are the premium quality, 6061 SLA aluminum frame, the Thomasso Corsa TC 30 wheels, and the Shimano Claris drivetrain that delivers a smooth transition and flawless gear shifting every time.

The bike frame on the Forcella is somewhat compact, yet provides strength, stability and maximum power transfer over the most challenging distances. With the 24 Speed Shimano, Claris drivetrain, you’re getting lots of speed variations for an entry-level bike. The 12–25T Claris cassette and Claris triple 30/39/50 T crankset deliver smooth and unmatched climbing capability as well as reliable speeds over flatter areas.

It’s interesting to note that the Tommaso Forcella is engineered and manufactured in Italy. In an age where most consumer goods across a wide range of prices come from China, it’s nice to be able to benefit from intelligent Italian design and quality manufacturing standards.

Tommaso Road Bike SpecificationsWhile the Forcella Aluminum Road Bike comes mostly pre-assembled, as with all bikes, some degree of assembly is still required. But be forewarned. Nothing is ever properly tuned on a bike when you receive it. So whether you do the assembly yourself, or you take it directly to a local bike shop doesn’t matter. In either case, you should still have a professional do the tuning for you. The manufacturer, in this case, recommends that you let an expert handle it all for you. You can always give it a try – if you’re the type that’s handy and well-versed in bicycle mechanics. If not, simply go to your neighborhood bike shop. Either way, you should stop by to book an appointment for tuning your bike as this is something that’s always best handled by an experienced pro.

With a bike of this capability, you can quickly take off on 20, 30, even 50-mile road trips and enjoy the pure fun and exhilaration of biking in the great outdoors. Users report having put hundreds of miles on this bike and being thrilled with the overall experience.

One of the things this bike has that many other bikes don’t are Presta valves. Presta valves have a smaller stem, and you need a particular pump or adapter in order to use it to inflate your tires.


This bike is delivered in a stylish, matte black finish. It’s pretty slick and regularly attracts compliments. You’ll find that it’s a great conversation starter that engages people in a way that probably wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for your new set of wheels.

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For most riders, the wheels provided are more than adequate. The Tommaso Corsa TC 30 wheels deliver durable, aerodynamic performance. Your bike ships with 20 spokes on the front wheel and 24 spokes on the back wheel. Rims are constructed of lightweight aluminum, and the profile is designed for aerodynamic superiority. It cuts through the wind as though it wasn’t there. Not only do these wheels deliver maximum performance – they look stunning too.

But if you’re a heavier rider, it is recommended that you upgrade your wheels. If you are larger than the average male, you should replace both the front and rear wheels with stronger ones capable of easily handling the extra weight. I recommend replacing both the 20-spoke and the 24-spoke wheels with ones that have 32 spokes each.

Tommaso Road Bike HandlebarsThe ultra-compact handlebar is an excellent addition to the Tommaso Forcella lightweight bike. This intelligent design allows you to ride with greater comfort in the drop position. This lowers wind resistance, permitting you to go longer and faster than before.

Another upgrade provided with this bike is the custom Tommaso Forcella – WTB Volt saddle. Thommaso got together with the saddle manufacturer and together designed a seat that delivers superior, all day comfort. One ride will convince you. In fact, you’ll wonder why other brands haven’t followed suit.

The Tommaso Forcella is a well-equipped bike that’s available at a remarkable price.

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This is no doubt due in part to Tommaso Forcella’s direct to consumer operations. They planned it this way to eliminate several levels that are usually in between manufacturer and consumer. By doing so, Tommasso also eliminated those padded prices that come about as a result of the typical distribution channel.

Tommaso Forcella features are plenty. This includes the premium SLA aluminum frame that is lightweight, yet remarkably strong. There’s no question that it should be capable of delivering years of riding pleasure. It’s attractive too with a stylish paint job, and clear coat finish.

Tommaso Forcella Premium SLA Aluminum Frame

The frame is the key to the quality of the bike. All Tommaso aluminum bikes are manufactured from a higher-quality alloy that delivers top performance. It’s the hardening process this aluminum is subjected to that is believed to be responsible for its added strength, durability and corrosion resistance. It’s the frame that allows Tommaso to promote its lifetime warranty confidently.

Tommaso Forcella Powerful 24 speed Shimano Claris Drivetrain

Believed to be the best entry-level drivetrain on the market, you get the complete Shimano Claris groupset delivering smooth, reliable shifting and 24 speeds. This means you’ll be well equipped to attack anything the road can throw at you.

Tommaso Corsa TC30 wheelset

Lightweight yet remarkably rugged and reliable, the 20 spoke front, and 24 spoke rear wheels feature a 30mm rim profile to minimize the weight of the bike. Wheels are sleek and aerodynamic. But they are also tough too. These wheels are designed to easily handle any challenging terrain, including gravel, dirt, and uneven, constantly changing surfaces. Why? Because you never know what lies ahead.

Another Great Addition To The Forcella Is Our Ultra Compact Handlebar

If you’re not a regular rider already, you might not think that something as basic as a handlebar could effect your ride. But somebody apparently thought this through by providing an ultra-light, yet stiff handlebar that delivers reliable control.

Using the drop portion of the handlebars is easy. These compact handlebars have a reach of 80 mm and a drop of 125 mm. This allows riders to use the handlebar in any position with ease, comfort, and efficiency. There’s also a flat area in the center portion to help reduce the stress on your wrists. Try it, and you’ll see just how much of a difference it makes.

The Shimano Claris Derailleurs & Shifters

Shimano Claris derailleurs & shifters deliver superior performance along with the drivetrain that allows for super smooth shifting. You get 24 fast and always reliable speeds at your fingertips. All the parts of this bike are specifically designed to work seamlessly with one another. This is important. You may be surprised to discover that not all bikes are manufactured with this kind of scrutiny and attention to detail.

Presta valves?

Presta valves are more slender than the traditional values found in bike tires. They also allow users to inflate tires more easily with a specialized head or adapter on the end of the pump. Once you get used to these – you’ll love them. There are so much easier to pump because there’s no valve spring to overcome.

Since the stem is a smaller diameter, it only requires a smaller hole in the rim of the wheel. This is important in the engineering process to maximize strength and aerodynamics of the rim. The smaller the hole, the greater the structural integrity.

The front fork provided on the Tommaso Forcella Lightweight Aluminum Road Bike is an exclusive design that shows brilliance. It is lightweight, so it doesn’t add much to the total weight of the bike. It’s also flexible, providing a softer ride that absorbs vibrations of all kinds. This carbon fiber fork is unique in that the fiber weave is extremely small and the resins used are of a premium grade. The result is a stiffer, yet lighter and faster carbon fiber weave that ultimately makes a superior front fork on the bike. One ride and you’ll be able to feel the difference for yourself.

All things considered, the Tommaso Forcella Lightweight Aluminum Road Bike With Carbon Fiber Fork is an excellent bike for road riding. It’s well-made, offers top quality components and cutting-edge engineering too. Wherever the road takes you, it will be more exciting on a Tommaso Forcella.

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